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This series of 12 A-level sociology revision webinars to cover the entire two year A-level sociology specification (AQA) including exam technique for the various question formats on the three AQA A-level sociology exam papers (7192/1, 7192/2 and 7193/3).

 The webinars are initially scheduled for 19.00 every Thursday, switching to Monday closer to the exams and will run from Thursday 26th March l to Monday 10thJune, 2 days before the final exam (crime and deviance with theory and methods). Webinars are scheduled early so that we can get through the entire specification BEFORE the first paper (on May 22nd).

 Full schedule

  • Thursday 26th March – Education 1
  • Thursday 2nd April – Education 2
  • Thursday 9th April – Families and Households 1
  • Thursday 16th April – Beliefs in Society
  • Thursday 3rd April – Crime and Deviance 1
  • Thursday 30th April – Crime and Deviance
  • Thursday 7th May – Research Methods
  • Thursday 14th May – Social Theories
  • Saturday 16th May – Education and Theory and Methods 3 (exam on 18th May)
  • Monday 25th May – Request webinar, content TBC
  • Monday 3rd June – Families and Beliefs 2 (exam on 2nd June)
  • Monday 10th June – Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods 3 (Exam on 10thJune).

All of these webinars will last 50 minutes during which I will provide a brief overview of some of the content within each topic, and a discussion of at least three specific exam practice questions. Students will be able to ask questions during the Webinar, via text, and there will also be time for students to ask questions at the end.

Click Meeting allows students to download support materials in advance of the seminars, ask questions during the seminars via ‘chat’, and which will also allow students to review the seminar afterwards as they will be recorded and stored on the site. Recordings will be available until the 16th of June (several days after the final A-level sociology exam).

Webinar Support materials

The webinar package comes with SIX of my Revision Bundles as support materials which support the first 8/12 Webinars. These will be downloadable at least one hour in advance of the relevant seminar.

The six revision bundles consist of

  • revision notes
  • mind maps
  • a practice exam questions booklet.
  • A few other bits and pieces such as revision diagrams!

Karl Thompson

I've taught sociology for over 20 years, 16 of them in a successful sixth form college between 2002 and 2018 (10 years as Head of Department) and I've also worked as an AQA examiner for over a decade, so I'm very familiar with the mark schemes and appropriate exam technique for the 3 A-level sociology papers.

In 2014 I set up the reviseosciology.com blog, and managed to save enough off the back of that to quit working for the ‘man’ and now I work independently, developing non-corporate support materials to facilitate the teaching and learning of A-level sociology.

So not only am I a fully qualified teacher and examiner, I'm a fully certified free range human.